Pumpkin Goodness

I love just about everything pumpkin…pumpkin lattes, pumpkin seeds, and most importantly, pumpkin muffins.  It’s a good thing Panera has theirs all year round, or I would go through some serious withdrawal.  One of my many favorite things about Fall is that it gives me an excuse to try out some of these seasonal recipes.  And what better way to start the season with some Pumpkin Chia Seed Muffins.

I know, I know, that doesn’t exactly sound appealing, does it?  I guess we will have to rename these wonderful masterpieces, but nevertheless, yes they have chia seeds in them, and yes they are delicious.  Now for a little health food lesson:

What are Chia Seeds?  Chia is a type of edible seed that comes from the Mexican Salvia Hispanica mint plant.  They hold a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to the human diet because we cannot produce them ourselves.  Similar to flax seeds, but more abundant in the nutrients they provide, chia seeds are also easier to use.  They absorb in liquid, and thus can be used in many different kinds of foods; pudding, oatmeal, smoothies and baked goods!

The recipe I found via Oprah.com is very easy and takes about 30 minutes in total.  I nixed the walnuts and used agave nectar instead of maple syrup.  Although I think next time, I need to add something a little sweet into the mix, since they tend to need some butter on top for flavor; mini chocolate chips should do the trick!




They taste better than they look, I promise.  Happy Fall!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Goodness

  1. Good Morning Emily, I will try the pumpkin muffins, as I have a whole big container of chia seeds. A college friend of mine (who grew up in Japan as the daughter of Methodist missionaries – first trip to the States was when she came as a freshman to SU in central Texas. A real culture shock.) She is a health, organic, you are what you eat 72 year old. When she was here last year we went to Sprouts, because she was missing her Sprouts opening in Round Rock where she now lives. She found the Chia seeds, and we felt we should buy some. Found they get this gelatinous coating around them when they get wet, and get stuck between your teeth. Most unappealing to people you meet, and wearer of seeds is totally unaware. I still have more than enough to make muffins for the neighborhood – maybe the whole village. Were you in the flash mob dance on your linkedin msg? I think I saw you – was looking very closely, but the one I think might have been you was in the back. Love,Aunt Doris

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