Bucket List

Everyone’s got one, whether it’s stored up in your mind or down on paper.  It’s not just a way of planning a vacation or taking a class, it’s a way of creating a life that you hope to have in the future.  I’ve had my list building since I no longer had consistent fun plans every day (aka graduation).  I needed to focus my adjustment to the real world on day dreaming and researching new things I could plan and look forward to.  I’ve found that once you graduate college, you begin to think about the type of person you want to be, and the activities you enjoy have a way of shaping that person in the long run; whether its through your hobbies, your relationships or your career.  So here are some of my thoughts and aspirations for enjoying life to the fullest.

1. Do the Color Run in NYC (running it August 25th!)

2. Go Rock Climbing

3. Go to Country Fest in Nashville

4. Road Trip to the West Coast; especially to visit San Francisco and Seattle

5. Become a Yoga Instructor

So there you have it.  A look into what I foresee in my future.  If you don’t have a bucket list yet, it’s time to start one.  And if you do, it’s time to fess up.  What are the top things on your bucket list that you know you have to do in your one fabulous lifetime?


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