Leave the Phone and the GPS

This past weekend was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable weekends I have had in a long time.  Greg and I were invited to take a trip up to our friend Michelle’s house in Vermont, which we immediately accepted without hesitation.  As I had anticipated, this trip met my expectations above and beyond what I had hoped for.  It was peaceful and low-key; just what I needed.

Michelle’s house is located on top of one of the many mountains in Vermont; so inappropriately named “Terrible Mountain”, the view from the deck of the house was utterly breathtaking.Image

Seriously, this is real life.  The picture doesn’t even do the view justice.

We arrived late Friday night and got settled, drank some Vermont-original craft beers (Long Tail and Magic Hat to be exact) and baked a few cookies before heading to bed.  Perfect Friday night, in my opinion.

Woke up via my biological clock the next morning.  Seriously, one of the best things about vacation is not setting an alarm.  Feeling refreshed and ready for the day, I was welcomed to Vermont by the  spectacular view above as well as this lovely country spread:


Pancakes, fruit, Vermont maple syrup and, yes, that is peanut butter you see in the middle of the table.  Why, you ask?  Because apparently I have been missing out on the most amazing (and super healthy?) combination of condiments to ever exist.  That’s right, pancakes with peanut butter and syrup on top. Try it for yourselves, my friends, it will change your life (but hopefully not kill you).  Even if it does, you’ll die happy.

In the afternoon we headed out and stopped at a local farmers market. Lots of local produce and some over-priced jewelry, but it was worth walking around just to see it.  I’m a nerd for these kinds of things.



Hidden waterfall behind the market, so pretty.

Afterwards, we soaked up some sun at a local park, where we played Wiffle Ball and took on the challenge of helping some kids get their Frisbee down from a roof.  You can guess how well this worked out…


Needless to say we failed at our task.  To improve our moods, we headed to Manchester to do some outlet shopping.  I snagged some pictures of the sunset on our way back up the mountain.



If I could live in a place where the sunset looked like this all the time…

We finished the evening with dinner at a local restaurant in Ludlowe called the Pot Belly Pig, where I barely made a dent in my Scallop, Spinach and Tomato Pasta (it was delicious, but enough to feed 4), and watched game seven of the Celtics-Heat game with the locals.  A quick trip to the convenience store to pick up some Ben & Jerry’s (we were in Vermont after all) and we were all set for a night in with some blankets and a movie.  If anyone is looking for a great laugh, I highly recommend 21 Jump Street.  I sound like a nerd, but it was hysterical and kept me in stitches the entire time.

Sunday, we opted for the newly discovered Peanutbutter/maple syrup pancake breakfast again, along with some scrambled eggs and the rest of the fruit.  We took our time getting ready and then went into the little town of Weston for come real Vermont culture.  First stop, the Vermont Country Store.Image

This place was like Cracker Barrel on, well, crack.  It not only had those crazy old games you used to play when you were little, but free samples of fudge, cheese and homemade jellies and dips.  I easily ate the equivalent of my lunch there, and ended up buying more fudge and dips to bring home.  This place is dangerous for the tourist in me.

We walked around a little more to see the Old Mill and Craftsman House, which was pretty cool.




Took one more look out at the beautiful view from the house and we were headed back to Connecticut.


It was the perfect weekend filled with good conversation with friends, good food and new sights.

Sometimes you just need that new perspective.  As work becomes more of the norm and every day stresses begin to build up, it is so important to have something to bring you back to sanity.  My challenge for you is to do something new or unfamiliar.  Explore a new place, take a fun new class, try a new recipe, or even spend time with a friend you have lost touch with.  As long as it provides you a sense of calm and happiness, it’s worth it.  Good luck, let me know how your adventures go!


3 thoughts on “Leave the Phone and the GPS

  1. So honored to have made the blog!! Glad you enjoyed the relaxing VT weekend, we’ll definitely have to do it again! =)

  2. VT Country Store catalog is always in my mag rack . . . am jealous that you got to the real place! be careful; my sister Barb fell in love with Vermont decades ago and is still there! Hey, Em, you’ll look cute all bundled up in down jackets with furry hoods! It is a superb State. love, Mrs. O xoxo

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