Out with the Negative

Food for thought this morning.  Have you ever found yourself driving to work in a bad mood? (C’mon, I know some of you have…)  But have you ever stopped to think about how your mood can affect the other driver’s around you?  The people that are on the road with you in the morning and the evening are all in the same position; they want to get to where they’re going as fast as possible.  And sometimes, your stress get’s the better of you and you honk your horn loudly at the person in front of you who decided to give someone else the right of way (note: I was the person who gave someone else the right of way, but I have found myself in the honker’s position once or twice).  You probably don’t realize how that could change another person’s mood for the morning, or even the rest of the day, but it sort of shocked my system for a bit of my ride.  It made me thankful for my yoga practice the night before, because I was still holding onto that feeling of calm and control that I needed to not let the feeling of resentment toward that certain driver for causing negativity to enter into my life take over.  So if a time comes when you want to take your rage out on your fellow commuters, take a second to think twice about it.  Try a friendly beep if you must, because you never know what the breaking point could be for someone.

On the bright side, now that my Mom is home, not only do I have someone to come home and talk to, but also someone to cook with.  Oh Happy Day!  And there certainly has been a lot of cooking around the Fiorey household lately.  Getting back on track with healthy eating and exercising just in time for summer.  Recipes to follow soon!


One thought on “Out with the Negative

  1. Random acts of kindness – great way to live for both you and the recipient. It’s really astounding how much little things can affect your day, for good or bad. I am the recipient today: unable to drive for a while with my car needing service and the warranty almost up, my service manager at the dealership personally picked up and delivered it to me here at home.

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