Simply Busy Birthday

Miss me?  I sure did.  I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t let it fall on the back burner.  Oops.  Sometimes life gets in the way and you find that the past two weeks flew by and all of a sudden it’s May!  So I’m sorry for not finding the time to update and inspire, I promise to do better.

So, this weekend was my Birthday and it was filled with more love and excitement than I ever expected.  Truly amazing.  I am 150% convinced that I have the best friends, boyfriend and family anyone could have asked for.  What could be better than a country concert, a surprise dinner and outing in Stamford with some of my best friends, and a relaxing lunch with my Mom who is finally home from her Florida adventures.  I couldn’t have asked for better.

Now for a recipe because that’s what I do.  I found I had little time to prepare what I was going to eat for dinner this week, so I put together some staple dinners I used to prepare for myself at school.  One of my favorites, broccoli and rice stir fry.

The first time I ever had tofu was when I made this with my girlfriend, Katie.  It became one of my favorite recipes from that moment on.  I didn’t have tofu this time, so I substituted some fiddlehead ferns that I had picked up at the grocery store the day before.  I used brown rice (the 5-minute kind) and sauteed the broccoli and fiddleheads in some olive oil and garlic.  Add some soy sauce (or stir fry sauce which is a little thicker and what I normally use, but I was out of that as well) and cook until desired brownness.  Once the rice is done, add it in with the vegetables and mix.  Voila! Super simple and easy.  Great for leftovers too!

Let’s end with a little Monday morning perk-up.  One of my favorite websites for providing uplifting and interesting articles throughout my day,, had this to share:

Great tips for avoiding that Monday morning feeling of exhaustion and dullness.  Who doesn’t feel a little sense of disappointment when that alarm clock goes off at 6am?  My favorite ones; Get pumped up to some tunes and Smile!  I need to try these more often.  It’s all too easy to fall back into the dull routine of the week and lose sight of the good things in life.  Try some of them for yourself!


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