Easter Eggs, Yoga and Sunshine

Happy Easter/Passover!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday with their family and friends, I know I did!  As life goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to spend quality time with the people that you love.  But when it happens, it is wonderful.  My Mom was home from Florida, where she has been for the past 4 months (lucky her!).  It was really comforting having her back, even though I want more than anything for her to enjoy her time down south.  The great thing about her is she will always take care of me, even if I pretend I don’t need it.  My girlfriends were also home from their respective homes along the east coast.  It is rare that we are ever in the same place at the same time these days, so when the opportunity arises, we take full advantage.

Friday I had the day off (awesome), and it was gorgeous (double awesome).  The day consisted of Eggs Florentine at the newly discovered Sandy Hook Diner (newly discovered by me, this place has actually been around longer than I’ve lived), shopping, and running with my girlfriend Holly. I then headed up to Rocky Hill to see the boyfriend and enjoy a night out in West Hartford.

Saturday started off with a morning Yoga class at a studio in my town I had never tried before, Yoga Dimensions.  I have recently developed a (healthy) obsession with yoga.  It is everything I love in a strength work out because it stretches, tones and relaxes all at the same time.  It just feels good, especially after a run (something I have also began to love more and more).  Anyway, the studio, Yoga Dimensions, is a very small but intimate space, and the instructor, Aline, was one of the most enjoyable teachers I have had the pleasure of taking a class from.  Why have I never gone here before??

If you’re interested in taking a class, here is their website: http://yogadimensions.net/.  I took the Saturday Slow Flow class at 10:15, and I’m still feeling the benefits of it 4 days later.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a combined family/friend lunch at my house where we discussed jobs, travels, and new adventures.  And then it was time for the Easter egg dying.  Oh. Boy.

I haven’t dyed Easter eggs since Clarissa Explains It All was still on cable.  Since when do they have glitter and tye-dye egg coloring kits?!  But I have to say, I’m proud of our colorful array of happy eggs.

Saturday night was wrapped up with a trip to the movies to see The Hunger Games (judge me), and a much needed night out with the girls.

Easter Sunday I enjoyed church with the family, lunch, and a scenic run around my girlfriend’s and my neighborhood.  Delicious dessert from my favorite baker, Katie (bottom left), ending with a relaxing evening watching TV with my Mom and George (who may soon need an intervention for his addiction to Angry Birds).

All in all, my weekend could not have been better.  There is nothing more comforting than good times with the people you are closest too.  That kind of happiness comes easiest of all, so if you too have had the chance to spend the weekend with loved ones, harness that good feeling it brought and use it to inspire others.


2 thoughts on “Easter Eggs, Yoga and Sunshine

  1. Emily, I’m so impressed with your writing and looking forward to reading many more.. Great insight into the happiness equation.. I know your Mom is so proud of you as am I… We all need to keep those happy vibes coming so when the bad should come along, we don’t lose ourselves in a black hole but rather see the sunshine in every day. Love ya!

  2. Emily!! What an inspirational message…I’m so glad your life is full of such joy and you so eloquently share it with all of us. Much love from Texas — we miss your happy face!

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